”The Mill River Rescue’‘ by Darcie Chan is a story set in Mill River town and reaches from the 1940 till the XXI century. It is about the lives of the community, of one member in particular – Mary. When the older times are described the book has a vibe of a periodical novel with horses and a marble mansion. It is a gripping tale where two story plots intertwine, the young years of Marry Hayes with the modern days when she becomes Mary McAllister.

Mary has been raised by her father and was taught to appreciate what she had. They lived modestly and she was used to helping him on the farm. In fact she loved working with horses, far more than interacting with other people. She was a shy and vulnerable girl. Her trustworthiness led her to believe that her future husband was a kind and caring man and not a spoiled rich man he turned out to be. He came from a family of marble owners and there was nothing he couldn’t afford to buy. Marrying into the fortune didn’t change Mary’s good heart and she keeps looking for ways to reach to others in need, but there are obstacles in her way. Something makes her stay inside of the walls of their impressive house and it is not her abusive husband. Her only contact with the outside community is through her friend, Father O’Brien, whom she shares her secrets with.

As in every community there are people who are in its heart and there are outsiders. There are people who contribute, who gladly give a helping hand to their neighbours and others, misguided, angry or vicious, who choose to cause havoc. The first two groups do not necessarily reflect the latter divide. We can see all that in the little town of Mill River. Somebody provides the mysterious gifts and somebody else sets houses on fire.

Mary is an outsider but she is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the town people. She has always wanted to be a part of the community and she was, in her own peculiar way. Nobody apart from a handful of people really knew her though. She wouldn’t, couldn’t let them. If you are intrigued to find out why, go ahead, it is a good read worth 3 Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px cars, stars or pencils.

Cars, stars or pencils rating

Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px – one of the best books I read

Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px – charmed

Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px – good read

Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300pxChrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Chrisdesign-Beetle-car-300px – don’t waste your time


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