One way ticket


”The Journey’‘ by Josephine Cox is a Lucy Baker’s journey through life. Benjamin Morris meets elderly Lucy and her daughter Mary in a graveyard, when he rushes to Lucy’s rescue after she falls. He comes to their impressive Edwardian house later to return a lost handbag. He is intrigued by the inscription on Barney Davidson’s stone that the two women frequently visit, which reads ”A man of courage. He made the greatest sacrifice of all.” Lucy welcomes the gentleman into the house when he comes to return the handbag, but is she ready to reveal to him what is behind the curious inscription? Story for story, Mary and Lucy get to know Ben, a hardworking and divorced farmer. He earns their trust and gradually learns Lucy’s life story.

Lucy’s life events are the core of the book. In her tale, she goes back to when she was a young girl, fell for a questionable character Edward Trent, got pregnant and was left ball alone in the world. Abandoned by Edward, she found refuge at Bridget’s, who run a house with ladies who ”entertain”. Lucy cleaned and cooked in return for the shelter. One day Edward came back. Lucy hoped things would get better for her, that he would now look after her and their son Jamie, but Trent dreaded the thought of being a father, pushed her when they argued and left her unconscious in a field. A local farmer Barney found her and brought her to his cottage where she stayed to recover and befriended his wife and their children. The Davidson’s family suggested that their farm would be a much better place for her and for Jamie to grow up than the Bridget’s house, and offered her a job at the farm.

Now old, wrinkled and weak Lucy clutches a letter to her chest, it is from the Davidson’s kids, from America, all grown ups now, who wrote to tell her how much they despised her and their father and that she has ruined their lives. Lucy’s heart aches for them, she has information that would clear their fathers name but she has promised him to keep it a secret, the one that explains Barney’s great sacrifice.

If you are curious and would like to know what the sacrifice was, I invite you to read the book that brings a rich story, full of events, one of those books that describe ones’ whole life. I enjoyed it and think it is worth 3 food-strawberry-300px.png food-strawberry-300px.png food-strawberry-300px.png strawberries, cherries or gooseberries.

Strawberries, cherries or gooseberries rating

food-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.png– one of the best books I read

food-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.png – charmed

food-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.png – good read

food-strawberry-300px.pngfood-strawberry-300px.png – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

food-strawberry-300px.png – don’t waste your time


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