I have known you my whole life


Liane Moriarty knows how to build suspense. Truly, madly, guilty opens with all the main characters traumatised by an even about which the readers don’t get to know much until about half way through the text. It keeps you glued to the book. As we turn the pages, another of the authors talents transpires, the way she sketches the characters. Each one with their own personal baggage, connected to one another by certain life events. The paths we take in our live and the people we meet, clearly influence who we are as individuals.

Clementine, a musician, a cellist to be precise, have been friends with Erica since their childhood. Although the friendship has been somehow forced upon her by her mother. Pat pitied the little girl Erica, whose mother was a hoarder and couldn’t provide her with the level of care she needed. Clementine’s resentfulness towards the forced friendship stayed within her throughout the years. Erica wasn’t completely blind to it, but the desperation for a slice of a normal life, caused her to cherish this friendship that has been offered to her, and so the girls grew up together and stayed close as adults.

When Erica learns that she cannot get pregnant despite the numerous IVF attempts, and is told by the doctor that she needs an egg donor, she can only think of one person whom she could possibly ask to donate the egg. Clementine thinks the idea is ‘repulsive’. But something has happened at the neighborhood barbecue that has left Clementine feeling forever grateful and in debt to Erica. Erica overhears Clementine’s comment and is deeply hurt. Knowing her husband’s strong desire to be a father she is reluctant to share it with her him as it would destroy his dreams.

The book shows how the decisions in our lives are rarely simple and drawn in black and white. How perhaps discussing things openly is the best policy. That keeping our thought and feelings buried deep within us doesn’t do us any good. And that once we are honest, especially with ourselves, then the right answers will come.

Good writing overall 4 quarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxcarrots, musical notes or pencils.

Carrots, musical notes or pencils rating.

quarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300px– one of the best books I read

quarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300px– charmed

quarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300px– good read

quarter-note-300pxquarter-note-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

quarter-note-300px– don’t waste your time