I bought The Visitor by K.L. Slater on sale for barely 1 euro as an ebook and I finished it quickly. The story plot was interesting and suspenseful, unraveling gradually. The protagonist is a young woman Holly, who clearly went through some difficult times in her life. With empty pockets and bunch of unpaid bills, she finds a shelter at Cora’s house. Cora is an elderly lady whom she has met by chance, or so it seemed at the time. She has offered her help and all she wanted in exchange was company, someone to talk to.

Thanks to the older woman’s generosity, Holy is able to make a fresh start in life; she quickly finds a job. As much as she tries to stop her memories of the past however, they keep invading her consciousness and leaving her restless. She also knows she has to find Edward, a person who is very dear to her and whom she is desperate to find.

She discovers that Cora is hiding something, something that could help Holy in her search. There are more secrets emerging, as Holy befriends one of the neighbours, David. He is a forty year old man, still living with his mother and terrified of leaving the house, unless it is a scheduled journey to and from his work. It turns out that he is a parking assistant at the place where she now works. She suspects that something has happened in the past that involved David. Nobody is willing to share it with her but she is told by Cora’s gardener to keep an eye on David.

Holy feels watched. She is wondering if it is in fact David, or her new nemesis from work Emily, a top sales assistant, who is now out of work and holding a grudge against Holly. Perhaps a dept collector has found her new address.. Could it be one of the dark characters from her past, or is she getting paranoid while nobody is watching her?

Overall a good page turner. 3 1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300pxpink roses, glass vases or letters.

Pink roses, glass vases or letters rating

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– one of the best books I read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– charmed

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– good read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1494772190-300px– don’t waste your time


Hush, hush


The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher is one of those books that follow the protagonist through their almost entire life. We met Susie when she is young and newly married and we stay with her till her old years, at which stage the book finishes but her life continues.

Her husband is a sailor and leaves her for long stretches of time. Susie misses him and feels lonely just in the company of their firstborn daughter Louise who is only a toddler at the time. She finds herself a hobby. She starts singing in a show band that performs at weekend dances in the town. She is so good that she quickly becomes the lead singer. The band members have high hopes for their future career as a record deal might be on offer. Susie feels trapped, she wants it as much as the other artists, but as a young mother and a wife in the ’60, she simply cannot see how she could possibly do both. She recons that it is best to nip the idea in the bud. However the guy who has discovered her talent is older then her and very persuasive. He crosses the line that leaves Susie pregnant, terrified and full of regrets.

Desperate and alone, she turns to her mother for help. Afraid of loosing her husband and daughter, unable to support themselves in the even that he was to leave them, she agrees to give the baby for adoption. She travels to stay with the nuns in one of the Mother and Baby Homes, she pretends she is an unmarried girl in trouble. The thought of leaving her baby boy terrifies her, buts she cannot think of any other option, so when the day arrives, she gives up her newborn baby, which leaves her brokenhearted.

The family life she was so desperate to save, is forever transformed by the decision she has made. The secret she carries is a burden to her that affects her deeply and thus impacts on every one around her, though they are kept in the dark as to why she often acts strange. It is only when she is old and very sick and fears that she may not survive, that she asks to be reunited with Edward. What would her grown up daughters Louise and Grace think of that? Will her husband be able to forgive her? Will they help her find Edward, and if so, would he even agree to see her?

Over all 3 BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png soothers, apple pies or microphones.

Soothers, apple pies or microphones rating:

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – one of the best books I read

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – charmed

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – good read

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

BcgEg7j7i.png – don’t waste your time