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Skeleton in the closet



The Other Woman by Laura Wilson was a quick read. Sophie struggles with the everyday life, with her husband often away on business she divides her time between her busy household that she runs with the help of an au-pair and between a shop she has opened with her friend Melissa.

Each Christmas she meticulously sends letters to family and friends updating them on the main events in her life. Someone anonymously returns one each year with nasty comments. This year the message reads that the person has been having an affair with her husband and that Paul is going to leave her. She is determined to find out who the mysterious woman is and then confront her without letting her husband know what she has learnt. The confrontation doesn’t go exactly as planned, there is some pushing and shoving and as a result the mistress ends up dead. This is where the book becomes interesting. Sophie’s next decision changes everything. She fears that in light of her knowledge about the affair, neither the police nor her husband would ever believe her that the death has been an accident and she decides not to inform the authorities and to get rid of the body.

The book is a page turner after that. Slightly comic in a black humour kind of way, an ordinary busy housewife in a respected neighbourhood hiding a body in her freezer.

Will she have to pay for what she has done? Find out for yourself. Overall 3 1283789192 12837891921283789192arrows, freezers or cars.


Arrows, freezers or cars rating.

12837891921283789192128378919212837891921283789192 – one of the best books I read

1283789192128378919212837891921283789192 – charmed

128378919212837891921283789192– good read

12837891921283789192 – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1283789192 – don’t waste your time