Books, books, books…

      I cannot decide whether I like reading or writing more – I enjoy books, reading and writing alike.

      Something I learned a long time ago about language comes to my mind now; that it is just a code we use when we want to express ourselves. We do our best to ensure that what we say gets through to the others the way we intended, but the human mind is creative and a language is just a code and what comes across can never be a perfect match to what we mean. This realisation dooms on me especially when I take into account that English isn’t my first language, but I am improving, I hope.

      Books. I do like them indeed. I am proud of my little collection. I am running out of bookshelf space and had to acquire an ebook reader sometime ago. Although I was a bit reluctant, old fashioned maybe, used to the paper feel, the smell of a new book, I have to say I like the device. Do you know what’s good about it? It’s like reading the right hand side page all the time. Isn’t it a bit annoying, reading the left hand side page of the book, especially the first few pages? When the whole book heavies in your hand on the right and keeps closing on itself and you cannot see the print nearest to the binding, and you try to open it wider and you just cannot settle and get into the story? And no more bookmarks! I was constantly loosing them. Desperately searching my bag for a used ticket or something when my stop was approaching. (Yes, I commute to work, every day via Luas). Thanks God the ebook readers don’t have the kind of an operating system that computers do. If I was to wait for it to load and then log off each time, I would not have gotten one. But they are great, the ebook readers.  Amazing, how many books mine can store and it doesn’t get any heavier in my bag.

      I like buying books but I don’t like spending much. I am especially happy when I can find books for under a fiver, new books, even cheaper than some second hand copies… I will try to give you a few tips how and where to look for such occasions and show you what you can get for the price and perhaps you will find that you can enjoy some of them.

      Happy reading.