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Skeleton in the closet



The Other Woman by Laura Wilson was a quick read. Sophie struggles with the everyday life, with her husband often away on business she divides her time between her busy household that she runs with the help of an au-pair and between a shop she has opened with her friend Melissa.

Each Christmas she meticulously sends letters to family and friends updating them on the main events in her life. Someone anonymously returns one each year with nasty comments. This year the message reads that the person has been having an affair with her husband and that Paul is going to leave her. She is determined to find out who the mysterious woman is and then confront her without letting her husband know what she has learnt. The confrontation doesn’t go exactly as planned, there is some pushing and shoving and as a result the mistress ends up dead. This is where the book becomes interesting. Sophie’s next decision changes everything. She fears that in light of her knowledge about the affair, neither the police nor her husband would ever believe her that the death has been an accident and she decides not to inform the authorities and to get rid of the body.

The book is a page turner after that. Slightly comic in a black humour kind of way, an ordinary busy housewife in a respected neighbourhood hiding a body in her freezer.

Will she have to pay for what she has done? Find out for yourself. Overall 3 1283789192 12837891921283789192arrows, freezers or cars.


Arrows, freezers or cars rating.

12837891921283789192128378919212837891921283789192 – one of the best books I read

1283789192128378919212837891921283789192 – charmed

128378919212837891921283789192– good read

12837891921283789192 – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1283789192 – don’t waste your time



The Girl Before by JP Belaney introduces us to a young couple Emma and Simon who are struggling to find a decent place to rent within their budget. What they can afford is scruffy looking. The cosy and clean are beyond their reach. What makes the hunt even harder is the security features that Emma scrutinises, she has been burgled and the experience is still fresh in her mind.

Then we meet Jane, who is also having a hard time finding a place to leave. Both are presented with an unusual option. The same option, just not at the same time.

There is a place, not available for viewing to anyone, but the estate agent feels that it might be exactly what they need. It has been designed by a famous architect, a minimalist. Clean, sharp lines, no clutter, no throws or cushions, no pictures. Very modern and self sufficient, generating its own electricity, even returning some to the supplier thus cutting the bills down significantly.

The rent is surprisingly cheap but there is a catch though, as one may say. The architect’s requirements are peculiar if not outright weird. He asks any prospective tenant to fill in an extensive application form with questions resembling a psychology questionnaire more than a tenancy agreement. The owner refuses to lease unless the prospectus clients meet his strict requirements. There is a set of rules to follow, the house has to be inhabited as is, no clutter can be added, no picture frames hung on the wall, no fluffy carpets or even clothes dropped on the floor. Everything is controlled through a smart phone, sensors all over the place allows the system to know when to turn the light on and off, you can adjust them accordingly to your needs.

Jane took the tenancy after Emma and Simon. They never met one another, but we as readers get to see both of their lives. The lack of clutter suits Jane, she finds it liberating. She packed only the essential things, and left everything else behind. She took a bag she packed full with baby clothes, one she won’t need but couldn’t part with and hid it in the closet with cleaning products. She is grieving her stillborn child.

After briefly meeting the architect Jane feels attracted to him, they start seeing each other, though he states that his relationships only last for as long as they bring him happiness, he seems as equally eager to declutter his emotional life as his surroundings.

She becomes more and more intrigued by the previous occupants. She finds flowers which Simon leaves at her door and after finally speaking to him, she learn that Emma has died in the house in a strange accident, and that at one point the architect has been questioned by the police about his whereabouts on the day of the incident. She also finds that that the architect’s wife and child have also died in here before Emma. Jane becomes suspicious and feels watched. Is she really safe in the isolated and wi-fi controlled building?

Good thriller, involving modern times’ technology and its challenges. Overall 3 pearls one-pearl one-pearl one-pearl , wine glasses or lilies.


Pearls, wine glasses or lilies rating.

one-pearlone-pearlone-pearlone-pearlone-pearl – one of the best books I read

one-pearlone-pearlone-pearlone-pearl – charmed

one-pearlone-pearlone-pearl – good read

one-pearlone-pearl – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

one-pearl – don’t waste your time

Golden Girl



In Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell Ellie Mac goes missing. She was a bright and a happy girl, studying for her exams. She left the house one morning, said she was going to the library and never returned. Her mother Laurel and father Paul split up some time after her that. Laurel felt that she couldn’t carry on as normal. They have two more kids, another daughter and a son but Ellie has been her mother’s golden girl.  Laurel saw Paul’s ability to move on as a kind of betrayal, or at least as something she was not capable of doing herself, so she let him go. He met somebody else after that.

Years after, Laurel is finally ready to build a new relationship with somebody. Her kinds are now grown ups who flew out of the nest. She is quickly drawn to the man she meets by chance in a cafe. He has a young adult daughter called Sarah-Jane, who is living with her mother and a nine year old child, a step sister to Sarah-Jane,  whom he has been raising on his own. Laurel is refusing to admit how striking resemblance the younger girl bears to her missing daughter. Poppy is an odd child. Smart and restrained, not interested in mingling with other kids her age, home schooled and wearing sensible clothes; but she seems to like Laurel and wants to spend time in her company. Laurel suspects she might be missing a mother figure. Floyd doesn’t speak of her mother highly and avoids the subject altogether, the child seems to share his views on the matter.

Laurel goes behind Floyd’s back and tries to reconnect Poppy with her mother’s side of the family. After she has learnt that the mother has gone missing at the same time as her daughter Ellie, she cannot shake the feeling that somehow the two cases are connected. She is determined to learn how, hoping that she will finally uncover the secret of her daughter’s disappearance.

Author herself mentioned that when she has finished and reared the book, she thought it was bizarre and I have to agree. It was capturing but strange. I found Floyd a very conflicting character, lacking integrity.  Towards the end he reveals a completely different face, a bit odd and I am not sure if that believable.

Overall a gripping tale. 3 142598405714259840571425984057 pencils, math books or backpacks.


Pencils, math books or backpacks rating.

14259840571425984057142598405714259840571425984057 – one of the best books I read

1425984057142598405714259840571425984057 – charmed

142598405714259840571425984057 – good read

14259840571425984057 – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1425984057 – don’t waste your time

In Secret


The Pact by S.E. Lynes is about a single, widowed mother Toni, who is living with her young teenage daughter Rosie, and and her sister Bridget. Toni confesses to her daughter, that as a young teenage girl she has been assaulted by her uncle Eric. She doesn’t give her any of the horrific details she has to live with herself, but she makes it clear to Rosie, that it has been a sexual assault. She hopes that the information she has shared about her own horrific personal experience, will bring her daughter closer to her, help her understand her mothers strange at times behaviour, her over-protectiveness towards Rosie, and will also serve as a warning of the dangers of the world.

Rosie lives under her mother’s strict rules, she isn’t allowed to go to parties, cannot have social media accounts, except a Facebook page that her mother monitors. But as with teenagers, Rosie wants more freedom than she is getting. She secretly sets up an Instagram account, where she befriends an older teenage boy called Ollie. She cannot believe her luck when the handsome young man takes interest in her. She is shy in everyday life and not popular like some of the girls in her class. She keeps him a secret, even from her cool aunt Bridge.

Bridget put her live on hold to look after her younger sister Toni, when she lost her husband in a tragic car accident. Years back, when she found out about uncle Eric she has promised Toni never to leave her again and to protect her.

This book illustrates the dangers of the Internet era and how easily can once convince themselves that they are perfectly safe, while they might be putting themselves into a real danger. Overall, 3 doorlatch-300px doorlatch-300px doorlatch-300pxdoor handles, stars or cars.


Door handles stars or cars rating.

doorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300px– one of the best books I read

doorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300px– charmed

doorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300px– good read

doorlatch-300pxdoorlatch-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

doorlatch-300px– don’t waste your time

Stay with me

Wicked River by Jenny Milchmann




I received a free advanced digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



The book grips from the start. Right from the firs few pages reader gets an ominous feeling which the author has skillfully created. A newly wed couple out in the wilderness on their own. A bride doubting and suspicious of her husband. You can feel the thick air, you are certain that something is about to happen and that it won’t be anything to look forward to. It is like when a scary movie gets too intense, so you cover your eyes but at the same time cannot stop peaking through your fingers. The events unfold pretty quickly, which keeps you turning pages. There were no unnecessary delays or digressions.

Natalie was right about Dough. He has been keeping something from her and because of that they are lost in the woods without supplies or a map to guide them back home. But if that wasn’t enough… They find an old tray that they hope would guide them home but instead they walk in circles and finally realise that somebody has purposefully painted the fake trail to guide them where he wanted them to be. Exhausted, hungry and dehydrated they find themselves in Kurt’s place. Kurt has been leaving in the wilderness for quite some time. He seems to be surviving on what he forages or hunts. He claims he wants for nothing but there is something he in fact craves – human company. The couple quickly realises that Kurt will not let them go. And if the vast woods themselves weren’t enough to keep them in place, he has installed multiple and deadly traps all around the camp to prevent them from escaping.

Will they find the courage to leave and if so will they manage to avoid the traps?

Overall a well paced and thrilling read. 3 cybergedeon-jug-300px cybergedeon-jug-300px cybergedeon-jug-300pxwater jugs, wild berries or trees.

Water jugs, wild berries or trees rating.

– one of the best books I read

– charmed

– good read

– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

– don’t waste your time




I bought The Visitor by K.L. Slater on sale for barely 1 euro as an ebook and I finished it quickly. The story plot was interesting and suspenseful, unraveling gradually. The protagonist is a young woman Holly, who clearly went through some difficult times in her life. With empty pockets and bunch of unpaid bills, she finds a shelter at Cora’s house. Cora is an elderly lady whom she has met by chance, or so it seemed at the time. She has offered her help and all she wanted in exchange was company, someone to talk to.

Thanks to the older woman’s generosity, Holy is able to make a fresh start in life; she quickly finds a job. As much as she tries to stop her memories of the past however, they keep invading her consciousness and leaving her restless. She also knows she has to find Edward, a person who is very dear to her and whom she is desperate to find.

She discovers that Cora is hiding something, something that could help Holy in her search. There are more secrets emerging, as Holy befriends one of the neighbours, David. He is a forty year old man, still living with his mother and terrified of leaving the house, unless it is a scheduled journey to and from his work. It turns out that he is a parking assistant at the place where she now works. She suspects that something has happened in the past that involved David. Nobody is willing to share it with her but she is told by Cora’s gardener to keep an eye on David.

Holy feels watched. She is wondering if it is in fact David, or her new nemesis from work Emily, a top sales assistant, who is now out of work and holding a grudge against Holly. Perhaps a dept collector has found her new address.. Could it be one of the dark characters from her past, or is she getting paranoid while nobody is watching her?

Overall a good page turner. 3 1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300pxpink roses, glass vases or letters.

Pink roses, glass vases or letters rating

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– one of the best books I read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– charmed

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– good read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1494772190-300px– don’t waste your time

Hush, hush


The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher is one of those books that follow the protagonist through their almost entire life. We met Susie when she is young and newly married and we stay with her till her old years, at which stage the book finishes but her life continues.

Her husband is a sailor and leaves her for long stretches of time. Susie misses him and feels lonely just in the company of their firstborn daughter Louise who is only a toddler at the time. She finds herself a hobby. She starts singing in a show band that performs at weekend dances in the town. She is so good that she quickly becomes the lead singer. The band members have high hopes for their future career as a record deal might be on offer. Susie feels trapped, she wants it as much as the other artists, but as a young mother and a wife in the ’60, she simply cannot see how she could possibly do both. She recons that it is best to nip the idea in the bud. However the guy who has discovered her talent is older then her and very persuasive. He crosses the line that leaves Susie pregnant, terrified and full of regrets.

Desperate and alone, she turns to her mother for help. Afraid of loosing her husband and daughter, unable to support themselves in the even that he was to leave them, she agrees to give the baby for adoption. She travels to stay with the nuns in one of the Mother and Baby Homes, she pretends she is an unmarried girl in trouble. The thought of leaving her baby boy terrifies her, buts she cannot think of any other option, so when the day arrives, she gives up her newborn baby, which leaves her brokenhearted.

The family life she was so desperate to save, is forever transformed by the decision she has made. The secret she carries is a burden to her that affects her deeply and thus impacts on every one around her, though they are kept in the dark as to why she often acts strange. It is only when she is old and very sick and fears that she may not survive, that she asks to be reunited with Edward. What would her grown up daughters Louise and Grace think of that? Will her husband be able to forgive her? Will they help her find Edward, and if so, would he even agree to see her?

Over all 3 BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png soothers, apple pies or microphones.

Soothers, apple pies or microphones rating:

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – one of the best books I read

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – charmed

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – good read

BcgEg7j7i.pngBcgEg7j7i.png – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

BcgEg7j7i.png – don’t waste your time




The story Two Fridays in April by R. Meaney is shown from different people’s perspective, an exercise I usually enjoy in books very much, but in this case it was a bit repetitive and didn’t enrich the plot or the characters that much.

Daphne who is in her thirties is widowed by her husband who was in his fifties, after being married to him only for a few years. She is left in charge of his adolescent stepdaughter Una. The seventeen year old finds the situation difficult, she feels like there is nobody left in the word to love her anymore. The two women tolerated and even liked each other while Finn was alive, but now their relationship needs to be completely redefined, as the link that had connected them is gone.

The strongest part of the book is when author shows how a road accident that resulted in Finn’s death, not only left his family devastated, but also has shattered the life of the man who was driving the bin lorry that had hit Finn. Una is asked for forgiveness and realises that the decision she has to make will have a huge impact on the lives of the driver and his family.

The subject of forgiveness seems to be playing an important role in the book. Would Daphne be able to forgive her mother Isobel for abandoning her when she was a child? Una has also lost her mother, but not because she chose to leave, she has died when she was a little girl. Una’s maternal grandparents are practically strangers to her, they never came to terms that their daughter got pregnant young.

Also grieving for Finn is his mother Mo, whom Daphne finds distant and cold. She tries to convince her daughter in law to reopen her son’s shop but Daphne isn’t sure she is up to it. She wonders if she should do it for Una, who likes the idea very much. Daphne realises how much she actually cares for the girl when she goes missing. Will she find her safe and sound? Overall a good read, 3 Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px bicycles, car keys or light bulbs.

Bicycles, car keys or light bulbs rating

Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px – one of the best books I read

Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px – charmed

Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px – good read

Blue-Bicycle-300px Blue-Bicycle-300px  disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Blue-Bicycle-300px – don’t waste your time