I was very curious when I picked Our House by Louise Candlish. It was promising intrigue. Fi is coming back home one day to see someone else moving in. Another family, complete strangers in her house. All of their belongings are gone and are being replaced. She does a double take, checks if it is in fact her house, just like you might in a nightmare. There is no doubt, she has not made a mistake. It is her place or it used to be. However the book did not deliver what I was expecting. I was bored for a good part of it. Not much was happening for a good while. I think the reason for it was that pretty much the whole story was given away at the beginning and then we were just walked through the events in detail, which was not that exciting.

I couldn’t feel much compassion towards Bram, one of the main characters. He was being blackmailed into selling his family home. He felt horrible for causing the accident that allowed the blackmailer to have something on him. I had the impression however that he felt more sorry for himself than for the victim. He seemed to have exonerated himself by placing the blame on the other driver. Bram wasn’t let back into his lane after he tried to overtake a car, and while it is clear that this wasn’t his fault, he should not have been speeding in the first place, engaging in a race with the other vehicle. I think the horrifying outcome of the accident didn’t let me turn a blind eye on this fact, like Bram seemed to have done.

Bram tells his story through a lengthy written confession. I didn’t think that form was very convincing and suitable for his state of mind, a letter might be; not sure about a manuscript.

After experiencing moral distaste towards Bram, we are also presented with a character of his wife Fi, whom the author is describing as seeing the word in black and white, being morally unscarred. Yet what she does at the end of the book has thrown me off, even given the circumstances. She seems to view her act as understandable and even forgivable. Even though it weights on her conscience she is able to quickly move on. Another morally ill character.

What saves the book is the very ending. It sends a message that no crime of this caliber is left unpunished. It is clear, strong an powerful. Finally gives the reader what the book has been missing.

I cannot say it was a good read, I really thought it was going to be better, so two 1490616952 1490616952house keys bunches, car horns or wine glasses.


House keys buches, car horns or wine glasses rating:

14906169521490616952149061695214906169521490616952 – one of the best books I read
1490616952149061695214906169521490616952 – charmed
149061695214906169521490616952 – good read
14906169521490616952– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better
1490616952– don’t waste your time


Let down


I think that what kept me distanced to the Friend request by  Laura Marshall was the protagonist Louise. As a teenage girl she chooses to stick with the popular girls and abandons two others that nobody else whats to be friends with,
Esther and Maria. For a young girl, the school is pretty much her whole life,
so as a reader you are inclined to show her some sympathy at this point.
However the choices she makes later in her adult life make you care about her even less.
Louise enters adulthood with a heavy concience. She is frightened, ashamed and feels guilty about something. Something that has happened twenty five years ago at a school party, after which the new girl Maria disappeared, never to be found again.

Louise grows up and leaves her hometown. She gets married and has a child.
Then one day just before a school reunion, she gets a message on Facebook.
The message is from a girl whom she thought to be dead for a long time.
Louise doesn’t know what to think. Is it possible that Maria is alive after all?

Parts of the book seemed to drag along, especially towards the end.
It was hard to justify some of the decisions that Louise was making.
She acted more like a silly teenager rather than an adult woman. She thought she has changed for the better just because she was nicer towards others, but her moral spine was in fact still rather weak.

Overall, I am afraid just two envelopes antiFlash-icons-env-300px antiFlash-icons-env-300px, car tyres or apples.


Envelopes, car tyres or apples rating:

antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px– one of the best books I read
antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – charmed
antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – good read
antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better
antiFlash-icons-env-300px – don’t waste your time



Slow breaths


Her Last Breath by Tracy Buchanan started promisingly. The protagonist, Estelle has deep personal issues. She had a difficult childhood,, her alcoholic and addicted to drugs parents left her with a low self esteem. She grew up in a foster care and gave birth to a baby daughter at the age of fifteen. She was terrified that she is falling into her mother steps, who also had her in such a young age. Estelle decided to give the baby for adoption without informing the father, that she was pregnant with their baby. As an adult she now lives on purely organic food and advocates pure and healthy living to other people, and is about to publish a cookery book. The lifestyle she is promoting is in contrast to how she feels about herself, dirty and unworthy.

One day she receives a strange note and a picture of a teenage girl. The person who wrote the note claims to know everything about her, that she isn’t as pure as she lets everyone to believe. She recognises the girl in the photo as a missing teenage daughter of a celebrity TV presenter and rings the police. She later finds out that the girl, Poppy, has been adopted, and everything starts to point out that she is her biological mother. Estelle comes back to the village, to the foster parents she once adored, where she met their son and Poppy’s father, to tell him in person of her existence and her disappearance.

From around this moment the book starts to fall apart, what has earlier enriched it, made Estelle a complex character, now becomes repetitive and thus boring. (One phrase to rake fingers through one’s hair was used too many times and I found it annoying). Estelle’s visit wakes up the romantic feelings within her, feelings that she once had towards Aidan. Nothing much happens, the plot doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There are fears in the village that some more land may soon slide into the sea, as it has happened before, yet the annual festivities planned on the beach aren’t cancelled despite the danger.

I found the ending of the book unconvincing and a bit disturbing as well. The person who was sending the notes to Elstelle, is being excused for doing so, as having good intentions… If they wanted to confront her about mistakes from the past, surely there were many other, more mature ways of doing so, rather than stocking and threatening… Overall 2 1393859663-300px  1393859663-300pxtrains, planes or cars from me.

Trains, planes or cars rating

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px– one of the best books I read

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – charmed

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – good read

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1393859663-300px – don’t waste your time

Getting through


When I was picking the book ”The Life you left” by Carmel Harrington, the synopsis on the back cover sounded intriguing. Sarah’s husband leaves the house one day and doesn’t return. She is left with three kids, struggling with everyday life. A childhood friend comes to her rescue but she is the only one who can see him…

I was expecting intrigue as to why her husband has disappeared, while it turned out he has left her for another woman. I found the characters in the book quite stereotypical and one dimensional, to start with the cheating and inconsiderate husband, through the bitchy and young mistress to Sarah’s womanising but charming brother.

The mysterious friend turned out to be Sarah’s guardian angel, which was an interesting surprise, but the book did not deliver what I was expecting. Frankly, I struggled through most of it, as I didn’t find the story plot gripping, it seemed a bit random; things were just happening out of the blue. I did not like the style the book was written in, nor did I enjoy the all-knowing narrator, who felt the need to state things that the reader was more than capable of deciphering from the context; it was rather annoying and added pieces of text that did not bring anything to the book, but were boring to get through. There was also too much eye-gazing type of romance for my liking.

The last few chapter brought the book more to life, as a lot more was happening. Perhaps more research should have been done for the book. I am not an expert in the matter, but I don’t think that having a witness who saw the suspect near the crime seen with an item that could have been the murder weapon, would have been enough to get him convicted; without any evidence, it would have made him a suspect at best. Similarly, finding out that the man in question saw the victim last, wouldn’t have made him a suspect just for that sole reason, but a person of interest, I suppose.

Overall, unfortunately just two Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxcupcakes, pancakes or raspberry trifles.

Cupcakes, pancakes or raspberry trifles rating

Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px– one of the best books I read

Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px– charmed

Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px– good read

Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300pxVanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Vanilla-Pink-Cupcake-300px– don’t waste your time

Don’t give up hope


In ”Find Me” by J.S. Monroe we see Rosa’s story through her diary which her boyfriend Jar gets to read in a haphazard order. After just a few months of knowing Jar, Rosa commits suicide. He however doesn’t believe that she is dead, says that it was out of character for her, yet everything we have learnt about her so far points to the contrary. He keeps seeing her in the city but his therapist insists that he is experiencing post bereavement hallucinations. Is there another explanation? Perhaps somebody wants to make it look like she was dead. Why? Her recently deceased father worked for the Foreign Office in UK. Could she possibly be a spy?

I felt detached from the main characters. It wasn’t a question of me liking or disliking them, I simply didn’t feel like I got to know them well enough, I wish more foucs was put into drawing them. Since I did’t find the main characters gripping, the book didn’t compel me to keep reading. The first part seemed too long. Yes, there were places were it was more interesting, but I felt like it needed some more editing, maybe even rewriting. The structure was ambitious but a bit confusing. I think it might heve been more believeable if it was written from a perspective of Max, the journalist whom Jar meets and questions about the article he was working on. He was investigating the high rates of suicides in prestigious Universities in UK and the large number of missing bodies of those students. If Max was the leading character, he could have then concentrated on Rosa as the lates subject of his reaserch, maybe meet with Jar to talk about her… Just an idea.

The book is divided into two parts, a new narrator is added in the second part, a malicious character. It gets more interesting when the plot starts to slowly reveal itself. Warning: it also gets darker, there are rather graphic descriptions of cruelty, torture, inhumane and unethical experiments.

Overall, I am afraid the book gets from me two Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px umbrellas, earmuffs or cuff links, as I really thought it was going to be better. The story was there, but in need of rewriting and editing, in my opinion, with more focus on the main characters and shortened for a more gripping and quicker pace. I bought the e-book for under 2 euro.

Umbrellas, earmuffs or cufflinks rating

Umbrella-Closed-300pxUmbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px – one of the best books I read

Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px – charmed

Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px – good read

Umbrella-Closed-300px Umbrella-Closed-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Umbrella-Closed-300px – don’t waste your time