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Wicked River by Jenny Milchmann




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The book grips from the start. Right from the firs few pages reader gets an ominous feeling which the author has skillfully created. A newly wed couple out in the wilderness on their own. A bride doubting and suspicious of her husband. You can feel the thick air, you are certain that something is about to happen and that it won’t be anything to look forward to. It is like when a scary movie gets too intense, so you cover your eyes but at the same time cannot stop peaking through your fingers. The events unfold pretty quickly, which keeps you turning pages. There were no unnecessary delays or digressions.

Natalie was right about Dough. He has been keeping something from her and because of that they are lost in the woods without supplies or a map to guide them back home. But if that wasn’t enough… They find an old tray that they hope would guide them home but instead they walk in circles and finally realise that somebody has purposefully painted the fake trail to guide them where he wanted them to be. Exhausted, hungry and dehydrated they find themselves in Kurt’s place. Kurt has been leaving in the wilderness for quite some time. He seems to be surviving on what he forages or hunts. He claims he wants for nothing but there is something he in fact craves – human company. The couple quickly realises that Kurt will not let them go. And if the vast woods themselves weren’t enough to keep them in place, he has installed multiple and deadly traps all around the camp to prevent them from escaping.

Will they find the courage to leave and if so will they manage to avoid the traps?

Overall a well paced and thrilling read. 3 cybergedeon-jug-300px cybergedeon-jug-300px cybergedeon-jug-300pxwater jugs, wild berries or trees.

Water jugs, wild berries or trees rating.

– one of the best books I read

– charmed

– good read

– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

– don’t waste your time





I bought The Visitor by K.L. Slater on sale for barely 1 euro as an ebook and I finished it quickly. The story plot was interesting and suspenseful, unraveling gradually. The protagonist is a young woman Holly, who clearly went through some difficult times in her life. With empty pockets and bunch of unpaid bills, she finds a shelter at Cora’s house. Cora is an elderly lady whom she has met by chance, or so it seemed at the time. She has offered her help and all she wanted in exchange was company, someone to talk to.

Thanks to the older woman’s generosity, Holy is able to make a fresh start in life; she quickly finds a job. As much as she tries to stop her memories of the past however, they keep invading her consciousness and leaving her restless. She also knows she has to find Edward, a person who is very dear to her and whom she is desperate to find.

She discovers that Cora is hiding something, something that could help Holy in her search. There are more secrets emerging, as Holy befriends one of the neighbours, David. He is a forty year old man, still living with his mother and terrified of leaving the house, unless it is a scheduled journey to and from his work. It turns out that he is a parking assistant at the place where she now works. She suspects that something has happened in the past that involved David. Nobody is willing to share it with her but she is told by Cora’s gardener to keep an eye on David.

Holy feels watched. She is wondering if it is in fact David, or her new nemesis from work Emily, a top sales assistant, who is now out of work and holding a grudge against Holly. Perhaps a dept collector has found her new address.. Could it be one of the dark characters from her past, or is she getting paranoid while nobody is watching her?

Overall a good page turner. 3 1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300pxpink roses, glass vases or letters.

Pink roses, glass vases or letters rating

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– one of the best books I read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– charmed

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– good read

1494772190-300px1494772190-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1494772190-300px– don’t waste your time

The search


Words like powerful and intense came to my mind while I was reading the thriller Mother by S.E. Lynes and thinking of ways to review it later, I knew then that I came across a good one. The ebook surprisingly costed only 1 euro. I found the plot original and well executed.

The change in the law in UK in the late ’70’s allowed for biological mothers and their children, who were given for adoption to reach out to one another and possibly reunite, provided both parties were willing. And so that’s what the protagonist, Christopher, having found out that he has been adopted, decides to do. He packs his suitcase and leaves his family home to study and also to secretly look look for his mother.

As many in his age, he tries to define himself, seeks a place in the word that he can call his own. He feeds off the idea of his mother that he has created in his head so much so, that he completely writes off his family. When he finally gets in touch with his biological mother and discovers that she is more than happy to make him a part of her life, he just stops caring for the family he has known his whole life, he finds them incompatible with him; the mother who raised him is understandable hurt.

The story is happening in England, at the same time when Jack the Reaper wreaks havoc and causes panic in the area. Young women are afraid to leave their houses after dark, people are suspicious towards others, not knowing who the monster is.

The narrator remains anonymous throughout the book, right to the very end when she finally reveals her identity. The secret adds to the suspense. It is a book that will keep you turning the pages. Definitely 3 antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px envelopes, pens or scissors from me.

Envelopes, pens or scissors rating

antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – one of the best books I read

antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – charmed

antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – good read

antiFlash-icons-env-300pxantiFlash-icons-env-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

antiFlash-icons-env-300px – don’t waste your time




If you enjoyed The Dead Summer by Helen Moorhouse, you may also like its sequel The Dark Water. Martha and Will are together. The book opens on a Halloween night and Will is off to an old and recently renovated house in Edinburgh desperately trying to record and proof the existence of paranormal activities. It is hard evidence he is after, sieving through and rejecting the ones that are merely blurred shadows, reflections that trick the eye and make people believe that what they see are spirits. Will and Gabriel aren’t in the best of terms since Gabriel decided to star in a psychic medium in a ghost hunting TV show Ghosts R Us, a program that according to Will, has compromised his reputation. Martha is saddened that the two best friends refuse to speak to each other.

On the same Halloween night Gabriel is alone in his apartment and terrified. Spirits that would usually seek his attention at this time of the year are not present. The absence of one in particular worries him, his spiritual guide and his brother Laurence. Nevertheless he knows that he is not alone. He didn’t hear anybody but someone was leaving their fingerprints around his dusty apartment, moving stuff and leaving handwritten notes with the same message “Do it.”

Paraller to their story, another one happening in the ’60 is described and it shows a young girl who has finally found the courage to leave her violent and abusive partner. Claire finds a refuge and a job in the Turnbull family house. She feels safe and happy there. The only disturbance is the presence of Mr Ball aka Uncle Jack, who spends the summers in the house and whose personality she fears, it reminds her of the life she gladly left behind.

Gabriel receives an invitation to Dubghlas Castle where he used to spend his summer holidays when he was a kid. The letter he received is from an old butler that works for his godfather, asking him to come and help with a problem they are experiencing, one of a supernatural nature. He is worried that he may not be able to help as he seems to have lost his gift. He pleads Martha to convince Will to take his equipment and accompany him.

Martha’s ex-husband suddenly contacts her demanding regular contact with Ruby. She doesn’t welcome this new development and is dreading having to tell Will, who loves the girl like his own daughter.

Eventually the whole group with little Ruby in tow, takes the journey up north to the Highlands, to the Castle. Big old scary house. Secrets, people don’t want to spill. Interesting plot. A page turner. A good read. You may want to sleep with the night light on. 😉 3 hand printsPalmprint-by-Rones-300px Palmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300px, pumpkins or leaves

Hand prints, pumpkins or leaves rating

Palmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300px – one of the best books I read

Palmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300px – charmed

Palmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300px – good read

Palmprint-by-Rones-300pxPalmprint-by-Rones-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Palmprint-by-Rones-300px – don’t waste your time

Spooky tale


In The Dead Summer by Helen Moorhouse we meet Martha who divorced her cheating husband, sold the house in London they shared, quit the advertising job she despised, packed her own and her six moth old daughter’s bags and moved to start a new life in an isolated cottage in the countryside. She was hoping to finally write a book she always wanted to. She came across the picturesque Hawthorn Cottage when while browsing rental properties on the Internet. The farmer’s cottage was abandoned for years and only recently renovated by its new owner Rob Mountford. She fell in love with the place and booked it for the next six months.

After the first night in the new place Martha already questioned her decision. She wondered if they would be alright in such a remote location. She was getting an uneasy feeling about the house. The lights on the baby monitor spiked all the way to red and she heard a loud noise, but found her daughter Ruby peacefully asleep. It left her puzzled. With the first light of the sunny morning, all her fears of the previous night disappeared. She felt a bit silly that she let her imagination carry her away.

Still there were things that bugged her. Why, she wondered, did the postman refuse to drop her mail to the cottage and kept leaving it all the way down the road? Why did the local crazy old lady keep referring to the cottage as the Eyrie Farm? Was there something about the place that she didn’t know? It seemed perfect during the day. Her new friend Mary convinced her she shouldn’t be listening to the made up spooky tales.

Another story plot runs parallel in the book. Back in the 50’s two young Irish women were sent to the Eyrie Farm, which was owned by the girls’ father’s friend at the time. Their parents planned for them to stay there till the older of the two sisters, Marion gave birth to her child. The baby was then meant to be put into adoption and they could return home with their secret unraveled.

Marion made the stay a real hardship for her younger sibling Lily. Lily was eager to make Marion as comfortable as possible in her condition, but the pregnant young woman hated the place and the fact that she was pregnant. She didn’t seem to care much about anything and anybody, not even her unborn child.

It was a spooky tale that gripped right from the start and kept you glued to the pages till the very end. Full of interesting characters. Pragmatic Will and sensitive Gabriel introduced to Martha’s by her old friend Sue, who send them to her rescue. Why? Find out for yourself. I don’t think I have come across such a ghostly kind of a thriller before, but I enjoyed reading it. If you like scary stories, you will not be disappointed. 3 PlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxpumpkins, broom sticks or candle wicks.

Pumpkins, broom sticks or candle wicks rating

PlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300px– one of the best books I read

PlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300px– charmed

PlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300px– good read

PlainPumpkin-300pxPlainPumpkin-300px– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

PlainPumpkin-300px– don’t waste your time

Can you leave the past behind?


”Thanks for reading my debut story Aneta!”

I bought The Sister by Louise Jensen as an ebook for 3 euro and it was a good buy. I liked the way the author was building the suspense and intrigue. The book opens with Grace digging in the ground with a shovel, it is dark and the rain is pouring. If you as a reader are in a cosy home at the time while you read it, you are glad about that and you pull the blanket closer toward you. Grace retrieves a memory box that she and her friend buried ten or so years ago. She wasn’t meant to open it alone, but her best friend Charlie is gone, having died at the age of eighteen. Inside the box are mementos they put together and a note she doesn’t recognise, it is from Charlie and it reads “I did something terrible, Grace. I hope you can forgive me.”

Grace lives with her childhood sweetheart Dan, although things have not been great between them, not since they mutual friend Charlie has died. At this stage, we are left to wonder what has happened, but the loss has left Grace depressed and anxious. This is not a first close person she had to part with, her dad is gone as well, and she blames herself for his death. She lost him when she was nine, and since then it was her grandparents that raised her, she had become estranged with her mother, though they started rebuilding their relationship when she turned eighteen.

Grace likes her isolated cottage, it suits her as she feels abandoned and unloved. However she cannot shake a feeling that she is being watched and followed. She tells no one, as doesn’t want to worry her boyfriend or her grandparents without knowing for sure, she fears they may think she has been imagining things. She has been in a fragile state for a while.

Not having anyone to turn to, Grace drowns her sorrows in alcohol and takes way too many sleeping pills. Having uncovered the memory box, she decides to do something for her lost friend, something she felt strongly about when she was alive and Grace promised to help her. She wants to find her father whom she never met. She also hopes that in the process, she might find out what has Charlie done.

One day someone appears, her name is Anna, who bears resemblance to Charlie and wants to know all about her, but that’s where things start to go wrong. Was Grace right to welcome a stranger into their home? If you ever sat in front of a telly watching a thriller and thinking ”oh, no, don’t do that, don’t go there, watch out!” etc., this is what reading this book was like for me. A good read overall, 3 cottages Anonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300px, door handles or door mats.

Cottages, door handles or door matts rating.

Anonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300px – one of the best books I read

Anonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300px – charmed

Anonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300px – good read

Anonymous-my-house-300pxAnonymous-my-house-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Anonymous-my-house-300px – don’t waste your time

Slow breaths


Her Last Breath by Tracy Buchanan started promisingly. The protagonist, Estelle has deep personal issues. She had a difficult childhood,, her alcoholic and addicted to drugs parents left her with a low self esteem. She grew up in a foster care and gave birth to a baby daughter at the age of fifteen. She was terrified that she is falling into her mother steps, who also had her in such a young age. Estelle decided to give the baby for adoption without informing the father, that she was pregnant with their baby. As an adult she now lives on purely organic food and advocates pure and healthy living to other people, and is about to publish a cookery book. The lifestyle she is promoting is in contrast to how she feels about herself, dirty and unworthy.

One day she receives a strange note and a picture of a teenage girl. The person who wrote the note claims to know everything about her, that she isn’t as pure as she lets everyone to believe. She recognises the girl in the photo as a missing teenage daughter of a celebrity TV presenter and rings the police. She later finds out that the girl, Poppy, has been adopted, and everything starts to point out that she is her biological mother. Estelle comes back to the village, to the foster parents she once adored, where she met their son and Poppy’s father, to tell him in person of her existence and her disappearance.

From around this moment the book starts to fall apart, what has earlier enriched it, made Estelle a complex character, now becomes repetitive and thus boring. (One phrase to rake fingers through one’s hair was used too many times and I found it annoying). Estelle’s visit wakes up the romantic feelings within her, feelings that she once had towards Aidan. Nothing much happens, the plot doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There are fears in the village that some more land may soon slide into the sea, as it has happened before, yet the annual festivities planned on the beach aren’t cancelled despite the danger.

I found the ending of the book unconvincing and a bit disturbing as well. The person who was sending the notes to Elstelle, is being excused for doing so, as having good intentions… If they wanted to confront her about mistakes from the past, surely there were many other, more mature ways of doing so, rather than stocking and threatening… Overall 2 1393859663-300px  1393859663-300pxtrains, planes or cars from me.

Trains, planes or cars rating

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px– one of the best books I read

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – charmed

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – good read

1393859663-300px1393859663-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

1393859663-300px – don’t waste your time

Keeping appearances


After I’ve Gone by Linda Green is a modern day thriller. Jess Mount, after loosing her mum to cancer, when she was a teenager, struggled with the everyday life. She saw danger lurking everywhere, in the young train driver, who might be speeding or an older one, who may fall asleep and crush the train. She avoided sitting in the last and first carriages as people were more likely to die there if the train did have an accident. She told her psychiatrist that the precautions she was taking were no different than people doing routine check ups at the doctor’s and eating healthy diets. Her anxiety got worse and she ended up under observation in a psychiatric facility.

Some years later, as a young woman, feeling comparably better, thanks to the care of her loving father and her best friend Saddie, she holds a job as a hostess in a small local cinema and enjoys the time spent watching movies and chatting with Saddie. Her past experiences gave her strength that her friend admires.

One day Jess phones Saddie, asking why did she post such an unnerving comment on her Facebook page, post saying that she was sorry to have learned of her death. Saddie denies writing anything like that, and they both figure that someone must have hacked Jess’ computer, as no such post appears on Saddie’s account. As time passes by, more posts pop up on her Facebook page, carrying a future date a year or so from the present time, and what’s more, Jess is the only one who can see them. Jess reads heartbreaking posts from her father, her best friend, her relatives and work colleagues, all paying her tribute and remembering fondly, shocked at her early passing. Jess stops mentioning them to Saddie, having been unable to prove their existence, she doesn’t want to worry her friend, who is starting to worry about her mental health, she lies that the posts have stopped.

She learns that in the short period of time before her death, she married the man whom she has only met recently, and furthermore she got pregnant and gave birth to their baby boy Harrison. She sees pictures of him and is besotted. She fears that if she does anything to try and change her future in order to avoid her death, her son may never be born and she cannot let that happen.

I liked that the book was set in the modern days, the Facebook era, how it shows a new phenomenon of social media grieving, and how apart from the glimpse into the future, the book describes very real and unfortunately still present issue.

It was definitely a good read, 3 computer keyboards johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png, monitors or cables.

 Computer keyboards, monitors or cables rating

johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png– one of the best books I read

johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png– charmed

johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png– good read

johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.pngjohnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png– disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

johnny-automatic-computer-keyboard-2-300px.png– don’t waste your time

In your footsteps



I see you” by Clare Mackintosh is a thriller that’s runs a chill through your spine because it describes events that could easily happen nowadays. Zoe Walker sees a photo of herself in the Gazette in the advert section, but its is so low resolution that she isn’t sure if this is in fact her. Her family laughs it off and she decides it couldn’t be her until she recognises a woman’s face on the news as the same she has recently seen in the same ad section of another edition of the Gazette. The woman has been murdered. She finds more connections between the pictures published as adds and crimes committed against these women. She is starting to fear for her safety and life, now certain that somebody has published her picture without her knowledge and consent. She decides to contact the police.

Kelly Swift, a bright but under appreciated uniformed police officer takes her fears seriously. She contacts the Murder Investigation Team with the new information, but she needs to convince them that the pickpocket she has been chasing after, and Zoe’s phone calls are all connected to the murder case they are trying to solve, that all the victims have had their photos printed in the Gazette prior to the crimes. She offers her help in solving the crimes but due to the mistake of the past and a demotion she got as a result, they are reluctant to take her on board. An old supervisor helps her out and she joins the team temporarily.

Zoe grows more and more anxious, she is afraid to leave the house on her own. She starts to fear for the safety of her eighteen year old daughter. The police uncover that the are multiple suspects behind the crimes and that the Gazette prints an encrypted password to a website which helds information on a number of women and is sharing it for a fee. Police are desparate to catch the person who runs it and are trying to figure out what connects these women, why they have been selected.

The story was well thought through and believable. The author herself worked for the police for twelve years. The books ends with an unnerving cliffhanger. It was a good read and I am awarding it three valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png paper clips, pencils or staplers.

Paper clips, pencils or staplers rating

valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png – one of the best books I read

valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png – charmed

valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png – good read

valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.pngvalessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

valessiobrito-Paper-Clip-300px.png – don’t waste your time

Favourite person in the world


”Thanks for reading and reviewing The Marriage Lie! 👰🏻💍📚💖

kimberly belle

I bought “The Marriage Lie” by Kimberly Belle for under €2 as an e-book. Iris’ marriage seems perfect, until the day when she finds out that her husband was killed in a plane crash. She refuses to believe that he is dead, as Whilliam was not supposed to be on a plane to Seattle. He was meant to be on another aircraft, one that has safely landed in a Orlando.

When she rings the hotel, where he told hear he would be staying, she finds out that not only he hasn’t been booked there but that the conference he was meant to be a part of, never took place. Despite this discovery, she keeps her hopes up, as it still doesn’t prove that he was on the tragic flight. She is a school psychologist and as a therapist she realises what other people must think, that she is in denial, that she doesn’t want to acknowledge her husband’s death. She knows what her second step is going to be to prove to everyone else that her husband’t wasn’t on the tragic flight.

When she flights to Seattle with her twin brother for a company, she is shocked to uncover that there are people who knew her husband. Whill apparently grew up there and not in Memphis as she thought. His pictures are all over the yearbooks in a school in Seattle, while nobody ever heard of him in Memphis. But there is more, people who knew him from his childhood and adolescent years, don’t put him in a good light. They refuse to talk about him, nearly spitting at the mention of his name.

The dipper she digs the more lies she uncovers and each one more horrible the the former. She is beginning to doubt that she knew her husband at all. In fact, she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She isn’t even sure if her husband is really dead. Somebody sends her anonymous messages wanting her to go back home and leave the past behind. Somebody lives her notes in the house in her husband’s handwriting. Is someone just trying to mess with her head or is Whill really alive? If he is, where is he and why is he hiding? Why did he lie to her, to his ”favourite person in the world”?

The book kept me interested, lots of unexpected twists and turns.When you think you know how the plot is going to unravel, the author introduces another surprise and a change of direction. 3 Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px spoons, forks or frying pans granted.

Spoons, forks or frying pans rating

Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px – one of the best books I read

Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px – charmed

Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px – good read

Cartoon-Spoon-300px Cartoon-Spoon-300px – disappointed, I thought it was going to be better

Cartoon-Spoon-300px – don’t waste your time